Kings of the Ring

Season 1: “The Call of Hollywood” #10

January 15, 2019

This could be the finest work by both Guest Cast Members in Cyrus Fees @cyrustheshow and LA Smooth!

WARNING: While the story and wrestling people are fictional (though based on archetypes), many of the events, no matter how unbelievable or outrageous, are based on a version of something that actually happened in the wild and crazy world of professional wrestling.  So please kids, DO NOT try any of this at home!

"Kings of the Ring" was created and written by @SteveTeTai and produced by "Mana Sports Media".  Voice characterization by Steve Te Tai along with Cyrus Fees and Lloyd Anoa’i. For any questions or feedback email us at

Watch LA Smooth in the Lipton Brisk Ice Tea commercial along with his 1st cousin Roman Reigns: How do you open a can of whup ass?

Watch Cyrus Fees “In this Corner” interview the biggest legends of MMA!

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