Kings of the Ring

Episode 12 “Black Saturday”

February 26, 2019

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Featuring Special Guest Voice: Cyrus Fees @cyrustheshow!

Previously on Kings of the Ring,

despite being unable to secure a cable TV deal, Julian Cain unleashed his television attack buying up syndicated coverage all across the country, Nigel Davies met with Julian Cain in a secret meeting in Miami to discuss a future alliance, after the mass of no-shows from Killian Kavanagh, Michael Angel, Leroy Brown and others, Jesse James let the SCW locker room know there is a war going on and then found out that his best friend and #1 draw Donny Gold was also leaving for the Empire, at George Gilmore’s retirement party in St. Louis, a bitter Burt Ironside explained how Henderson, Nigel, and Bob Walker ended up as 3-Way owners. 

On SCW All-Star Wrestling, Tex Harper debuted and promised to reveal the truth about the Outlaw Jesse James on the next week’s show and on a Friday night, Nigel picked up Julian Cain from the airport in Atlanta.

Episode 12 would be rated MA for profanity, violence, and sexual dialogue.

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