Kings of the Ring

Episode 16 “MSG on MTV”

June 30, 2019

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Previously on Kings of the Ring, Criss Stanley was brutally honest with Dan Sanders but he ended up winning him over.  After Krusher Krawcyk’s miscalculation since taking over Heartland resulted in them losing their cable TV slot on the America Channel to the Empire, the city of St. Louis is targeted by Julian Cain as the next Chicago-level coup.  While they prepare to headline a sold out Greensboro show and the first ever Closed Circuit event in wrestling history, Tommy Aloha is worried about his long-term future with Jesse James as Booker.

After the angle was shot to build Thor Hanson vs “Diamond” Donny Gold for MTV, Julian Cain switched it to Thor vs. Tama the Wild Beast.  “Hollywood” Buddy Melrose’s months-long babyface experiment ended as he turned heel to make way for the debut of the enormously popular Goliath in Charlie Gotch’s AMW.  And finally, after firing Louie the Greek and Sal Spinelli, Julian Cain began a new profit-driven directive for the EWF culminating in the creation of Empire-Mania, an ­­end of the year blowoff designed to be the biggest wrestling show in history, headlined by Thor Hanson vs. "Diamond" Donny Gold.

Today’s episode features the guest voice talents of Cyrus Fees and would be rated TV-14 for profanity and drug use.

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