Kings of the Ring

Episode 19 “Empire-Mania!”

October 1, 2019

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Previously on the Kings of the Ring, Julian Cain found out his finances were in much worse shape than he realized, and due to the provision in his father’s will, if the EWF doesn’t meet a certain level of profit margin for 1984, he would lose control of the Empire to Sal Spinelli and Louie Giannopoulos.  And for his last ditch effort to save his company, Julian concocted his version of the CWA’s Battle of the Starr’s as the show to end all shows hoping to make more money in one night than anyone in wrestling ever has before, it is now time … for the 45-Minute Jumbo-sized EWF exclusive Episode "Empire-Mania!"

Today’s episode would be rated MA for profanity, nudity, and sexual content

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