Kings of the Ring

Episode 3 “One Night in Tulsa”

August 24, 2018

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Previously on "Kings of the Ring",

The entire wrestling community paid tribute to Jonathan Cain at his funeral including Goliath and touring World Champion "Diamond" Donny Gold.  Julian Cain inherited the ESWF from his father and rebuffed Charlie Gotch's offerings and accused the rest of the Alliance of being behind the times.

Bobby Rivers and Willie Dean argue about which bar to visit during their match, Charlie Gotch drags his feet on turning burgeoning babyface Thor Hanson, instead keeping him with venerable veteran "Hollywood" Buddy Melrose.  While Gabriel Angel is handing out the drugs given to him by the fans, his brother Michael is tantalized by a mysterious woman.  Sal Spinelli and Louie the Greek are left to run the ESWF while Julian Cain is gone explaining his vision for wrestling.

Episode 3 includes profanity, drug use, strong sexual content, and graphic description of violence ...

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