Kings of the Ring

Season 1: ”Aftermath” #5

September 23, 2018

Previously on the "Kings of the Ring",

Charlie Gotch's decision to finally turn Thor Hanson babyface was too little too late as Thor no-showed AMW to make his debut for Empire State after Prince Abdullah beat Dan Sanders for the ESWF title in Julian’s first show in enemy Territory, Chicago, AMW’s biggest town.  Turns out Thor was only one of the major stars that Julian Cain stole, but the real prize was revealed as securing a deal with current WWA World Champion "Diamond" Donny Gold!

Also the loyalty of the Greek and Sal Spinelli to Julian were put to the test, we saw out the fallout of Bobby Rivers’ fight at the bar, and the identity of the enforcer that Burt paid a fortune to, to resolve this. Punishment for all involved in the bar fight, including another match, much different from what we’d seen before, in All-South.

Julian Cain had an eventful and disturbing meeting with TV Executives and we saw the specifics of Julian’s plan and what he’s willing to sacrifice, and how far reaching it was and the names of all the wrestlers he got to jump to Empire.  We also peeked into Donny Gold’s personal life, and Nigel Davies discovered something crucial about Julian Cain, we saw Charlies action to counter Julian Cain’s first show in Chicago, with AMW and Empire going head to head in the “The Chi-Town Rumble”.

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