Kings of the Ring

Episode 9 “Game Over”

December 26, 2018

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We are joined by BOTH special Guest Voices, Cyrus Fees @cyrustheshow and LA Smooth!

Previously on Kings of the Ring,

Julian Cain pitched his vision to TV stations, businesses, wrestlers, and many more, all across the continent, as well as declaring war on the Alliance.  Heartland-St. Louis owner, George Gilmore wasn't pleased at the thought of a promotional war at his age.

Criss Stanley was relegated to ring crew with well known pervert Boxcar Bill, for allowing Bobby Rivers to lose a bar fight, which compelled Burt Ironside to hire Krusher Krawcyk to not only punish Rivers in the ring, but to assume his spot as TV champion.

"Diamond" Donny Gold defied Julian Cain's orders and returned for one last match with friend "Outlaw" Jesse James to drop the WWA title in the ring.  Julian Cain motivated Thor Hanson to carry himself as and embrace the role of a true top guy and crossover celebrity for Empire, prior to Thor successfully beating Prince Abdullah for the EWF "World" title.

Episode 9 would be rated MA for profanity, drug use, and sexual content.

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