Kings of the Ring

Season 4 ”The Gathering” #34

December 1, 2021

Welcome to Kings of the Ring. A fictional wrestling saga inspired by the real-life stories of the 1980’s Pro-Wrestling Era, written and produced like an ensemble cast cable drama or soap opera.

Previously on Kings of the Ring,

The Tarzan Kid has been struggling with his gambling and his underworld connections. Apollo Sampson has been a constant target of locker room bullies Brick Sawyer and Tiger Warren. Since utilizing their Criss Stanley-created gimmicks, Shark & Buzzsaw have become hits for Charlie Gotch's AMW. Daniel Hawkins was given strict orders by his sister to shut down all wrestling operations. Julian Cain secured multiple business deals for the EWF. After struggling with his rehab, Miss Kitty tried to convince Diamond Donny Gold to visit the boys at an SCW show, Barry Lovelace overheard Jesse and Hawkins talking about Donny switching seats with Waylon, and Burt Ironside sent out invitations to the World Wrestling Alliance Heads, for a massive BBQ to discuss a potential "Super Bowl of Wrestling".

Kings of the Ring is intended for mature audiences. Today’s episode would be rated MA for excessive profanity and sexual dialogue.

"Kings of the Ring" is written and directed by @SteveTeTai.  Sound Design and editing by Mana Sports Media.  Voice characterization by Steve Te Tai, with Guest Voice Actors RJ City, Cyrus Fees, and Evan Ginzburg.  For any questions or feedback email us at

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